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Picture of Swami and Friends Paperback – 1 Dec 2008

Swami and Friends Paperback – 1 Dec 2008

Review This book by R.K. Narayan is just wonderful. It reminds us of our school days. The fun we had, our friends, the way we made friends, the exam fear, the eagerly awaited vacations, our kind principal, our strict but loving teachers, our punishments everything... It is just a marvel how a book written so long back can still connect to present days. It is just a wonderful book that will make you get serious, tickle you and make you laugh at the same time. Just get hold of this book and relive your childhood once again. --D Vinay on Feb 24, 2013 Great book to read and have in your collection. Captures your imagination and reminds you of childhood days. The language is simple and the humor is in good taste. Makes you wonder about one's own childhood and the author's insight of the things done during that period. Definitely a good buy. --Nagendra on Jun 17, 2012 this book is perfect for early teenagers in all respect. it has awesome stories and is the great work of R.K Narayanan so you can blindly go for it --Rohit Ranjan on Jul 12, 2015 About the Author R.K. Narayan is one of the most prominent Indian novelists of the twentieth century. Born in 1906, Narayan was the recipient of the National Prize of the Indian Literary Academy, India's highest literary honor. His numerous works Mr. Sampath - The Printer of Malgudi, Swami and Friends, Waiting for Mahatma and Gods, Demons and Others, all published by the University of Chicago Press.